My style is clean, simple and beautiful without overly done
retouching. I believe great light will take care of most blemishes.
Natural is better is my motto.

It all started at Atlantic City high school when my photography teacher
asked me to take photos of the high school fashion show. 
Apparently, my teachers thought I did a great job. All I could see was that
I had cut all the models legs off in the frame.

Between my love of photography and love of taking pictures of women,  I
set off to Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara with one semester’s tuition
paid to get my Illustration/Advertising degree, I successfully graduated
in 1995 thanks in large part to landing a job as a night server at The Stonehouse Restaurant at the San Ysidro Ranch.  An amazing experience!


Clients include:


Dang Foods


Jeff Zaruba Photography


Over 16 years of Photoshop experience in the Commercial Photography world.

Look forward to working with you!